Digital Media Project Tracker | November 2017 - March 2019

This project was basically a self development project and also a proof of skillset for when I first joined the company I'm currently employed by, further information is below:

v1: This was built solely in PHP using Laravel to render views and provide functionality with the addition of some VueJS components later on for some self development. The key features of this was data management, logging of every change carried out allowing us as a team to know who done what and when. If anything was added to the system there was a webhook to our Slack that allowed instant notification without having to re-invent the wheel when we already use Slack constantly.

From this point I then created an automatic site checker that made use of CRON and header requests to check if a site was online or not, if the site was offline it would return the reason, ping the Slack, and email out for if it was on a day that we're not in the office. This allowed us to keep an impeccable uptime and provided us with some good information as to where to begin on if it was a server issue / site issue.


v2: I'm currently rebuilding this entire system to improve it in every way, shape and form. Re-designing the UI to improve the users experience to re-factoring the code and making use of new found skills. The key thing about this rebuild is ultimately I have went for around 80% VueJS, with very little PHP view rendering still taking place. I've went for this approach as a Javascript framework is something I want to learn and make use of as it is a very up and coming tech that is becoming so widely used now its odd not to know.

Feature wise it will be part in part, the new benefits of it are the fact that the key parts of the system are totally reactive and allows any user to see changes the minute another user carries it out. Data retention is a massive factor in this and because I have re-designed the database there is a migration process that will have to take place, I will carry this out at the final point before we switch over to the version 2 to minimise downtime between switch over.