OttoDoc | March 2019 - Present

The latest build that I have going is "OttoDoc", a spin off of the word auto! The intention is to create a multi-channel document automation tool.

Currently in a working proof of concept with the ability to output to PDF, with the plan heading of outputting to both html and docx to cover all bases available for publishing websites.

The platform now incorporates templating so that clients can store a persistent letter for example and change minor things i.e name, address etc to then produce a fully fledged document that can be exported to multiple platforms. The solution also encrpyts the document data within the database using OpenSSL 256 bit encryption based on the applications unique application key to prevent and sort of database breaches reaching potential sensitive data. Upon requesting an edit to the document it is decrypted and temporarily stored so the user can see the document in plain text, the same happens for rendering PDF's and will for the other document formats.

With multi-user roles to prevent any changes by unauthorised users, multi-status for templates and documents it allows a seamless workflow from start to finish. At the moment the systems is fully scalable and can be manipulated to suit business requirements. I intend of providing this as "Software as a Service" as opposed to selling the rights to it completely. Depending on business requirements will depend on the service level provided.

I fully expect the solution to be in a fully featured testable phase around summer time, if this is of interest then please sign up to the mailchimp popup or get in touch via my email letting me know that you are interested in OttoDoc and we can discuss further privately: