Place Standard | February 2018 - March 2019

An online survey project that was rebuilt by myself with the help of a colleague at work due to timescale.

The system was built prior to me joining my current workplace and used Python and the Django framework on an Nginx server that slowly over time became extremely unstable and unreliable for the customer.

The pair of us then built the system from scratch and moved it on to an Apache server and has since not had any downtime at all. The project also has an app on the app & play store, this wasn't built by my company, it was outsourced. It integrates with the site via an API and allows users to carry out surveys through the app.

The site itself allows anyone to sign up as long as they verify their e-mail. That person is then considered a group owner and can get people to carry out surveys about said "place". The system then collates the data and allows the group owner to carry out filtering and mean / median views on a radar chart to see the data collated.

To find out more about Place Standard and if it would be of any use to you visit the site .