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The website requires an overhaul. I'm very busy with work projects and will update this when I can. For any queries, reach out via LinkedIn.



Technologies Used

The technologies I use varies depending on the solution required but a taster of buzzwords that I use would be:
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, VueJS, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, WebPack, SCSS, Linux, Apache.

I do on the rare occasion use other tech that is available and have a variety of experience in other tools but these are my primary go-to's.

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Project Management

I have experience in leading a small team of developers with a variety of skills, this was typically in a "sprint" type formation where there was quick deadlines for certain aspects of the project build. I'm extremely organised and plan ahead so this came second nature to me.


I have liasoned with clients to get information from them about exactly what they need, coming from the technical background this is a great benefit to avoid misleading customers expectations and ultimately give them the best solution possible.


<p>I have a Diploma in Software Development and I was ultimately multi-disciplined between Software Application Development and Web Development, the industry being so difficult to get your foot in the door lead me down the path of Web Development in a LAMP stack and making use of the PHP framework Laravel.</p>