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New Role

I have not long since just joined a new role, hopefully I can help shape and drive the business in the direction required to really flourish in the development process!


I have been rather inactive in personal projects, and I think a lot has been going on this year to know why, stresses from Covid-19 to general life situations. I am still developing, so feel free to reach out via one of the social media platforms or email!

Technologies Used

The technologies I use varies depending on the solution required but a taster of buzzwords that I use would be:
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, VueJS, MySQL, PHP, Laravel, WebPack, SCSS, Linux, Apache.

I do on the rare occasion use other tech that is available, I have previous usage of the likes of WordPress and other off the shelf Content Management Systems, but typically I feel a bespoke solution can eradicate un-unused modules of these systems and also removes the amount of dependencies required like "child themes", "plugins" and the consistent updates that can make or break your site with these solutions. I give bespoke training 1-to-1 on how to utilise the systems I build and ultimately remove the possibilities of user error.

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Project Management

I have experience in leading a small team of developers with a variety of skills, this was typically in a "sprint" type formation where there was quick deadlines for certain aspects of the project build. I'm extremely organised and plan ahead so this came second nature to me.


I have liasoned with clients to get information from them about exactly what they need, coming from the technical background this is a great benefit to avoid misleading customers expectations and ultimately give them the best solution possible.


I have a Diploma in Software Development and I was ultimately multi-disciplined between C# and Web Development, the industry being so difficult to get your foot in the door lead me down the path of Web Development in a LAMP stack and making use of the PHP framework Laravel.